Combo - Counting at Bridge 1 & 2


Combo - Counting at Bridge 1 & 2


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Counting at Bridge 1 & 2

Counting at Bridge is the first in the excellent series of bridge software by Mike Lawrence and Fred Gitelman. Counting at Bridge presents you with bridge hands devoted to counting. You get over one hundred hands, beginning with the bidding and opening lead and ending with a successful conclusion. The computer does exactly what Fred and I have told it to do, it does not do any independent thinking of the kind that plagues programs that attempt to play bridge.

Along the way, there are questions and prompts to force the user to think about what is happening. There is a wealth of material in this disc, including special insights that you won't find elsewhere. Overall, there is a wealth of bridge in here that cannot help but make you a more effective player.

The original Counting at Bridge came out in 1996 and was an immediate success. The sequel shows another one hundred hands using counting principles in play and defense and it also has something special. It discusses bidding. Not necessarily conventions although some of them come up. The emphasis is on bidding judgment.

Bonus Quiz section.

Included is a bidding quiz showing various common but perplexing bidding problems that players have been asking me about for year. One typical example:

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You have an ordinary opening bid like the following.
Do you rebid

System requirementsPC ̱ Any version of Windows - 3MB free HD space, CD-ROM Drive