Excalibur Phantom Force Chess Computer (Brand New)


Excalibur Phantom Force Chess Computer (Brand New)

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USCF 2000

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A Blast from the Past! It moves its own pieces!

Vintage Phantom Force Autonomous Self-Moving Electronic Chess Set

Enter the 21st century of computerized chess games with the ultimate chess opponent, the Talking Phantom. With automated chess pieces that the Phantom moves effortlessly across the board, the Phantom will provide the most unique chess playing experience in the world. Match wits with the Phantom or simply sit back and watch the Phantom play itself. Comes with an extensive list of features that can help beginners improve their game and challenge advance players as well.

  • Tournament Strength Program 136 Levels, with 120 for Play and 16 for Analysis.

  • Tournament Time Control Levels.

  • Action Chess Time Control Levels.

  • Rates your Chess Skill.

  • Ratable Game Indicator.

  • Announces Mate In 5 Moves.

  • Built in Dual Chess Clock Display.

  • Robotic Motion Enter Your Move on the Sensory Chess Board.

  • Watch the Phantom Move It's Own Piece.

  • Auto Play lets the Phantom Take Both Sides to Play or Finish a Game.

  • Sets up The Chess Board Automatically.

  • Sound Voice Vocabulary For Added Play Dimension.

  • Voice in Three Languages - English, French, and Spanish.

  • Spoken Words Also Shown on Scrolling Dot Matrix Display.

  • Announces All Moves in Algebraic Notation.

  • Special Sound Effects.

  • Learning Threat Warning Indicator with Why and Where Explanation.

  • Hint for Coaching.

  • "Are You Sure?" Coach Mode.

  • Take Back Mistakes.

  • Selectable Opening Lines for Play and Learning.

  • Teach Mode for Beginner Players.

  • Where can piece move for beginners.

  • Set Up Newspaper Problems.

  • Replay Line After Take Back.

  • Set Features Off Key Saves Game In Memory.

  • Adjustable Automatic Shutoff.

  • Adjustable LCD Contrast.

  • Includes Built-in Chess Piece Storage Compartment.

Adaptor (included) or 6 x C batteries (not included).