Learn Chess the Easy Way (14 Digital DVDs) Download or Disk


Learn Chess the Easy Way (14 Digital DVDs) Download or Disk

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A Fourteen volume DVD set presented by four-time Women's World Champion and Grandmaster Susan Polgar. Designed for novice and intermediate players, all aspects of the game are split into 40 lessons.
Grandmaster Susan Polgar:

  • 4-time Women's World Champion

  • World's only Triple-Crown Winner (World Blitz, Rapid & Classical World Champion)

  • 5-time Olympic Champion (5 Gold, 4 Silver, 1 Bronze)

  • Currently Ranked #1 in the U.S. and the World

  • 2003 Grandmaster of the Year and U.S. Open Blitz Champion

    Includes the following Programs:

  • Volume 1 The Basic Principles of Chess (1h 39 mins)
  • Volume 2 Learn How to Create a Plan in the Opening, Middle and Endgame (1h 9 mins)
  • Volume 3 Essential Chess tactics and Combinations (1h 9 mins)
  • Volume 4 Learn How to avoid Opening Traps and Pitfalls (1h 9 mins)
  • Volume 5 Bobby Fischer's most Brilliant Instructional games and Combinations (1h 19 mins)
  • Volume 6 Secrets on How to Think like a Grandmaster & Las Vegas International Chess Festival (3h 5 mins)
  • Volume 7 The Colle Zukertort System (1h 33 mins)
  • Volume 8 Essential Basic Endgames part 1 (1h 20 mins mins)
  • Volume 9 Essential Basic Endgames part 2 (1h 30 mins)
  • Volume 10 Essential Endgames for the Intermediate to Advanced Player
  • Volume 11 Mastering the French part 1 (1h 30 mins)
  • Volume 12 Mastering the French part 2 (1h 40 mins mins)
  • Volume 13 Mastering the French part 3 (2h)
  • Learn Chess in 30 Minutes (1h 20 mins mins)
  • Bonus!

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    Master Chess 8000 is a multi-chess engine interface pre-loaded with 9 of the World's Strongest Engines. This is a MUST HAVE for tournament chess players who want to improve their game with some of the best databases ever created.

    Animate, Analyze, Annotate & Play against top engines

    Includes 2 Million Master Level Games. Five engines rated over 3000!. Easy to use database system that searches for Players, Openings, & Results. GrandMaster statistical tree, ECO codes, Analyses Games, Imports and exports PGN files.

    CCRL Ratings of (3306, 3279, 3242, 3126, 3091
    Using the chess engine "Ruffian," this 7GB database of endgames allows you to play and analyze the perfect endgames with 5 pieces or less. This is the ultimate tool for studying endgame theory.

    Also included is a large collection of commercially available database of chess games containing 2 million games from 1485 to June 2008 in Chessbase format, (also works with Fritz.) Contains Demos of Bookup, Chess School Advance, ICC Blitzin software, Chess Mentor and CT Art.