Novag Citrine Chess Computer (Used Display model)


Novag Citrine Chess Computer (Used Display model)


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Product Details

The Citrine, from Novag Computers, is a beautiful full auto-sensory chess computer with handcrafted golden rosewood and boxwood Chessmen. The computer has a large library of openings and 64 different playing strengths that will allow you to select a suitable opponent. Four lights on each square make it easy to play with and to see what's happening. The Novag Citrine is an excellent quality chess computer and represents the latest and finest in electronic innovation from Novag.
  • Rating: USCF 2350
  • 2.5" King Height with 1.5" Squares
  • Magnet sensor wooden chessboard (size 14" x 14" x 1.4")
  • 64 Playing Strengths
  • Hand carved Golden Rosewood and Boxwood Staunton Chessmen
  • 81 LED lights to indicate each move - each square has 4 LED indicators
  • Detachable LCD screen for attaching and detaching the LCD at any point during the game
  • Menu access is via the chessboard
  • Can connect to the PC to print/store/follow games
  • 64 strength Level settings
  • Opening book with 24,000 halfmoves
  • Random, Easy, Sound, Game Review, Autoplay, Setup, Flip board functions
  • Powered by AC adaptor (included)