Millennium King Performance Chess Computer


Millennium King Performance Chess Computer


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Millennium King Performance Chess Computer
The most personal and exciting partner you have ever had!

With this chess computer you play like a king! The new The King Performance contains the legendary chess program The King by Johan de Koning. The King Performance offers an almost unlimited number of difficulty levels. For particularly strong players, tournament levels are available in which the device reaches up to 2400 ELO.

Beginners are happy about the special simple game levels, which allow a limitation of the performance to well below 1000 ELO - while at the same time providing a very attractive playing style! A further reduction of the playing strength is possible if required, for example via the fun levels or the deactivation of the opening books, so that everyone can find an optimal sparring partner.

With its classic, harmonious design in a 40 x 40 cm real wood frame, it is the perfect size for playing at home. The handmade real wood figures round off the high-quality impression perfectly. The chessboard in wood look offers with 81 LEDs for move indication and the new HighSensitive sensor technology highly comfortable gaming fun.

In addition, there is an opponent waiting for you, who offers completely new and interesting challenges with his very active, risk-taking, sometimes even spectacular playing style. You won‘t play against any chess computer in a more human and emotional way!

The function for saving different opponent personalities allows you to configure your own "personal king" step by step. For the first time, the popular Chess960 game has been integrated according to the official FIDE rules.

In addition, the new performance device also offers the connection to the ChessLink, so that you can play on the sensor board also against chess apps and even online against chess partners around the world.

With these features, The King Performance is suitable for every chess player - from grandchildren to experienced tournament players.

  • Chess computer with the legendary program The King by Johan de Koning
  • Real wood housing with illuminated display (54 x 27mm)
  • Smooth-running MILLENNIUM HIGHSensitive board with 81 LEDs and handcrafted wooden figures
  • 7 different user books included
  • Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess) according to official FIDE rules
  • included connection to the ChessLink module for using chess apps (on numerous external devices)
  • Selection of different opening books: Classic Aegon Book, the Master Book (with over 300,000 positions) by Mark Uniacke, or special User Books
  • Storage of games as well as optional download of opening libraries or firmware updates
  • Configure up to 3 "player personalities" and play like against real chess grandmasters
  • Infinite number of difficulty levels, variably adjustable from beginner to international grandmaster
Item no: M830
EAN: 4032153008301
Program: The King by Johan de Koning
Processor: ARM Cortex M7 with 300 MHz, 2048 KB ROM, 348 KB RAM
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 2 cm (King height 7.4 cm)
Menu operation: 7 language settings available
Connections: USB, DIN, main adaptor (9V DC)

Download the Instruction Manual here