New in Chess Magazine 2018/8


New in Chess Magazine 2018/8


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New in Chess Magazine 2018/8
Magnus Carlsen unbeatable

Carlsen’s choice
Just like two years ago in New York, Magnus Carlsen steered for a tiebreak in the World Championship match against Fabiano Caruana in London. A choice that was widely criticized, but again proved highly effective.

AlphaZero’s thoughts
And what would the strongest program around think about the match that was held at a stone’s throw from DeepMind’s headquarters in London? Matthew Sadler reports.

Short Stories
Nigel Short wonders what changes are needed to keep the World Championship attractive for a broad audience.

FIDE Presidents
Arkady Dvorkovich is only the seventh FIDE president.

So happy together in Isle of Man
Radek Wojtaszek was the sensation of the 2018 edition of the Open in Isle of Man, taking home £ 38,000. His wife, Alina Kashlinskaya, added another £ 7,000 to their celebration day by winning the top women’s prize.

MVL Master of Shenzhen - breaks Ding Liren's Century
At the Shenzhen Masters, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave ended Ding Liren’s unbeaten streak of 100 games and took the title on tiebreak.

Opera Game
Paul Morphy’s rise from child prodigy to the ‘pride and sorrow of chess’ forms the backdrop to a new movie.

NIC’s Café
A chess-themed pub in downtown Oslo, Maurice Ashley on ‘The Daily Show’ and a revisited flyover in Kolkata.

Your Move
Not everyone rejoiced when a rapid tiebreak decided the world title.

Celeb64: George C. Scott

Chess Pattern Recognition
Why not gain some space while advancing a pawn for a fianchetto?

Judit Polgar
Crucial moments can dramatically change the course of a game. Or can even have far-reaching consequences for a player’s career.

Maximize Your Tactics
Find the right moves.

Miraculous Escapes
After many years of absence, Hans Ree ventured to enter a serious tournament again.

The Blitz Whisperer
Reaching a winning position is one thing, bringing home the bacon another, especially in blitz. Maxim Dlugy looks at the art of ‘closing’ ‘totally won’ games.

Sadler on Books
Before he delves into middlegames and openings, Matthew Sadler shares his enthusiasm for the first part of a 3-volume biography of second World Champion Emanuel Lasker.

Just Checking
What is Alina Kashlinskaya’s favourite square?

Fair & Square
Theresa May hopes for the endgame.