Square Off Grand Kingdom Chess computer


Square Off Grand Kingdom Chess computer

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Square Off Grand Kingdom Set - Chess Computer
The complete magical chess experience.

The world's smartest chessboard that makes a move on its own with rosewood finish, and chess pieces that are a work of art.

A planet to play in It doesn’t matter where you are or where your partner is. You can play chess with anyone. Connect with family, friends or one of 23 million+ chess enthusiasts on chess.com.

The board is alive. And thinking. Square Off is driven by a powerful AI engine. It can challenge even the best chess players, with 20 difficulty levels. Plus it’s learning and getting smarter all the time.

Bring back the old world charm Handcrafted, exquisitely finished with rosewood accents. Each finely carved piece is a joy to hold and to move. It will make you gaze at it in quiet appreciation, even before it makes you open your eyes wide in wonder.

Battery | Mobility
Good company when you travel The board has a built-in rechargeable battery that’s good for 30 games. You won’t run out of juice. Or people to play with.

Your phone and Square Off A perfect match The board is paired with the Square Off app on your phone, which has a rich array of features that make chess more interesting than it has been for millennia. Square Off comes with a convenient stand for your phone too.

Auto-reset feature with designated capture space

Dimensions: 603 x 484 x 49 mm
Weight: 5.4 kg
Bluetooth: BLE 4.1
Finish: Rosewood
Chess Pieces: 32+2 (queen)
Audio: Monotone

*Square Off App is available for free on iOS & Android app stores. Once you get the board, you can just download the App and get started.*